Monthly Archives: September 2010

Amy & Andres sneak peek

I’ve been waiting and praying for this amazing woman to find the right guy and get engaged for a long time now. This is Amy, one ofView full post »

Biggest grin of the week

A face only a mother could love. Okay, and everyone else too. Our little dude with his two big teeth. Classic Kasey happiness right there.View full post »

Pinch me

Someone please pinch me. Am I really her mom? How did I ever get to be so lucky? This girl is going places. And I can’t wait toView full post »

My loves (well, two of the three)

I’ve been so busy with editing for clients this summer that I’ve had little time to look at the pictures I’ve taken of myView full post »

A fresh perspective

Before I had my second baby, every now and then, I got to drive off and handle a different kind of photo assignment than my usual shoots. IView full post »

V. family preview

Spent some time with the V. family this morning and got some beautiful images of gorgeous Issy and handsome little Isaac. I know the momView full post »

Just for kicks

If you’re not reading Pioneer Woman’s blog yet, you really should be. I’m a huge fan of the Photography and CookingView full post »

Seth & Manda

I’ve loved this girlie since seventh grade, Ms. Nyberg’s language arts class. Or maybe since we shared a locker. Or wroteView full post »


I can’t help it. I’m being blessed today by my parents and James who are totally watching and playing with Kasey and Emma forView full post »

Kailaya preview

Remember Kailaya? My first session with her last year was so much fun. I met up with the whole family this year at their friends’View full post »

Her first “latte”

Okay, so it’s not a latte. Of course! Are you kidding? I do love my (decaf) lattes but she’s only two. She’s got timeView full post »