Monthly Archives: January 2011

7 months

I think it is pretty much impossible to take a bad photo of little Bodee. If you’ve been following this blog for the past few months,View full post »

Sweet baby B.

Well, the wait is over! One of my best friends finally got to meet her third son! The evening of Wednesday, Jan. 19, was one of the mostView full post »


We went to open gym at a local gymnastics center today! And it was a hit for both kids. After being stuck in the house all week last weekView full post »

One is three; one is one

By the middle of February, we will officially be parents of a 3-year-old and a 1-year-old. How on earth did that happen? The kids’View full post »

MCP Project 52 | Week 2: Illustrate a Song

So I had the idea in mind the second I saw what the theme was this week for MCP Project 52, which is Illustrate a Song. The song poppedView full post »

Little glow bug

My Doodlebug loves my cell phone. And I’ve been carrying it around with me everywhere, even when I’m home, because one of myView full post »

Two things

1. The picture of E proves that she has officially entered the stage where she will pose for me. Willingly. As in, I asked her to sit likeView full post »

In the mail

What does this mean? The kids’ birthday party invitations are in the mail! Since Emma and Kasey’s birthdays are two years andView full post »

MCP Project 52 | Week 1: Around the house

Not sure if I”ll be participating every week, but in the name of just doing it, here’s my entry for the MCP Project 52 (a photoView full post »

My morning partner

Kasey and I are frequently the only ones up early in the mornings these days. Daddy and Emma have been enjoying their sleep. And I’mView full post »

Just doing it

I just spent the last 20 minutes scrolling through and reading posts from my old blog, my family blog. The blog where I never held muchView full post »

The U. family

This is G., the smallest member of the U. family. Little G., his gorgeous mommy Amy, his musical daddy Bryan and I had a nearly perfectView full post »