About Me

I’m Mandy. I’m a wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend. I like books, Starbucks, dance, the smell of hyacinth, food blogs and overly-organized work spaces (though mine are not necessarily so).  I’m a graduate of Washington State University, where I edited The Chinook Yearbook for three years alongside my best friend, counseled new students during summer orientation programs, performed with the Crimson Company Show Choir and met my husband. For those reasons and many more, I love WSU. My life revolves around my family – my husband, my daughter, my son, my Golden Retriever. I am in love with my life and the people in it.

I take pictures of everything – couples in love, newborns, big families, soon-to-be mothers, best friends, graduating seniors, births, brides and grooms, animals, food, random objects on the street. I’ve carried a camera with me since grade school when my dance friend and I would arrange our ballet shoes in a pile with pearl necklaces, roses and sheet music to make artistic still life scenes for our own ballet “calendars.”

It was only after the birth of my daughter that I realized I could take a life-long hobby and turn it into something more. Something that could affect other people. I started to learn about my camera (my first DSLR was a Nikon D50; I now shoot with a Nikon D300s). I’m inspired by a handful of amazing photographers and the work they share on their blogs and I read Understanding Exposure by Brian Peterson. I clicked the shutter again and again and again until I knew how to work that camera with my eyes shut and my hands tied behind my back (don’t worry, it’s just an expression, I don’t shoot that way). After my friends and family let me shove my camera in their faces and take their pictures over and over again for months, I built up my portfolio and took the plunge – Amanda Kay Photography got its official business license in May 2009.

*Photo by DelaLane Photography, 2011.

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