British Dancing Academy: Wizard of Oz Cast A Top 12 AKP Faves!

akp-1077Many of you know me personally … and if you know me, you likely know that as a child, young adult and even in my early adulthood years, one of the words that could best describe me and what I loved most was dance. It was my biggest passion, what I spent most of my time studying, what I wanted to do for my career, what I read about, decorated my bedroom with, watched … dance was my thing. I loved my dance studio, the British Dancing Academy. Like many dancers who studied at the BDA in the four-plus decades of the school, it became my second home as a teen. Fast forward 18+ years and now my 8-year-old daughter takes class there three times a week. So I’m back at the studio again and it’s been an adventure being on the parenting side rather than the student side, for sure (I try really hard not to be a “dance mom” in all the negative senses of the phrase, and I think I’ve done a pretty good job thus far).

But guess what? Y’all know about another one of my lifelong passions. It involves my Nikon and Adobe software. And fun families, kids, babies, couples, graduates and anyone else who likes to preserve the sweetness of life in a photograph. For the last few years, I’ve been privileged to be the official photographer for the British Dancing Academy. I have been honored to photograph dancers in the studio, on the stage, backstage and even out in the world for high school senior photos.

During June, the studio holds its annual performance. As a child, it was always the busiest time of year for me and I looked forward to it more than Christmas. Now as an adult (and a dance mom!) and a small business owner, it remains busy because I get to shoot all the rehearsals and performances! I may not be on the stage anymore, but this is JUST as inspiring to me and I truly love it. The studio just released all of the images from this year’s show season on a site for families to view, purchase and download. To celebrate this new process, I decided I’d go through my images by cast (there are five casts) and share my top 12 photos for each. I am terrible at narrowing down favorites (which is why AKP families always get a lot of preview images in their proofing galleries) but here is my first attempt at choosing a top 12 for Cast A. These are selected from both the dress rehearsal and the performance so I really had to narrow things down. There were around 6,000 images for this year’s show season! I decided top 12 would be a good number because today is Friday and you know what that means? It’s Blue Friday. Go Hawks.

So here you are. My top 12 favorite images from Cast A dress rehearsal and show for The British Dancing Academy’s 2016 performance of The Wizard of Oz. akp-2740 akp-1155 akp-2751 akp-2940 akp-3398 akp-3523 akp-1526 akp-1576 akp-4103 akp-8612 akp-8907

Here’s one extra. From behind the scenes. Because my two little dancers are too cute. The baby isn’t officially dancing yet, of course, but she loved watching her big sister this year and she does a mean booty shake as she’s learning to walk!


Looking for a dance studio for your little one? Or your teen? Or are you looking to get back into the studio again as an adult? Check out the British Dancing Academy online at They have studios in Kent/Renton (near IKEA) and Federal Way. They post updates and photos regularly on their Facebook page, too. Find that here.

Did you dance in The Wizard of Oz? Have a student dancer who did? Here’s the link to the site where you can view all 6,000+ photos from the show season.


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