AKP-0834Another local photographer welcomed me into her home for a lifestyle maternity session with her little boy and her little bump. I love these types of sessions! It’s such an honor to try and capture some of the everyday beauty that goes on in a family’s home. We read books, we played on mom and dad’s bed, we shared Skittles, we danced around, peered out the window … and got pictures of all the smiles and quiet moments too. Thank you so much for having me, Erin! AKP-0840 AKP-0848 AKP-0861 AKP-0871 AKP-0874 AKP-0887 AKP-0899 AKP-0906 AKP-0912 AKP-0920-0937blog AKP-0924 AKP-0956 AKP-0964 AKP-0978 AKP-0997 AKP-1011 AKP-1028 AKP-1034 AKP-1098 AKP-1099-1110blog AKP-1142 AKP-1164-1181blog AKP-1195 AKP-1233 AKP-1264-1264blog AKP-1336-1324blog

AKP-9095I had the privilege of photographing this little smiley guy’s entrance into the world back in May. His sweet face just had me smiling this entire session. Colby’s mom and dad asked if we could do his 6-month session at the tree farm where they purchase their Christmas tree each year. After our successful day of tree farm holiday minis a few weeks prior to this, I was totally game! I love family sessions at tree farms! This tree farm was located in Auburn and is called Honey Tree Farms. It was such a sweet location and perfect for Colby’s half-year, holiday photo memories! AKP-9100 AKP-9112 AKP-9117 AKP-9138 AKP-9174 AKP-9185 AKP-9194 AKP-9216 AKP-9231 AKP-9248 AKP-9268 AKP-9278 AKP-9287 AKP-9298 AKP-9306 AKP-9336 AKP-9367Auburn family photographer, Auburn baby photographer, family photography, Auburn portrait photographer, holiday photos, tree farm family photography, Auburn child photographer.


AKP-7882Okay. so this session was just simply ADORABLE. These sweet kids’ mommy and I danced together years ago (Go Hawks!) and it was so fun to meet her family and take their holiday photos for them. I hadn’t seen her since we last danced together but we watched each other grow our families via (what else?) Facebook. Kristin had a little blonde girl first and then followed up with a little blonde boy … just like me! The time of day we had their session was just beautiful. The sun was setting, the light was golden and we just had a blast. This was our last session of our holiday minis day and it felt so great to wrap up the successful day with such a perfect evening.  AKP-7886-7854blog AKP-7903 AKP-7928 AKP-7941 AKP-7945 AKP-7957 AKP-7976 AKP-8008 AKP-8025 AKP-8041 AKP-8050 AKP-8075 AKP-8089 AKP-8094 AKP-8112 AKP-8113-8118blog AKP-8134 AKP-8153 AKP-8186

AKP-7598This was the second time I got to photograph the adorable K. family during an AKP mini session weekend. Just look at their fun outfits! Last year we photographed them at one of our fall mini session weekends; this year they signed up to participate in our first-ever holiday mini session day. They are a fun family to work with … lots of smiles and lots of cute glances at each other throughout the session. Thank you for being part of our special holiday weekend, K. family! AKP-7631-7653blog AKP-7663-7721blog AKP-7669 AKP-7686 AKP-7702 AKP-7738 AKP-7761 AKP-7785 AKP-7813 AKP-7818-7810blog