AKP-7166So excited that after a couple of years of talking to Cynthia about doing family photos for her, we finally got the chance to do it! Cynthia and her two daughters all dance at the same studio at which my daughter and I dance. Her girls are beautiful dancers! Thanks for joining us for our first-ever holiday mini session day, H. family! You were a dream to photograph! AKP-7202 AKP-7211 AKP-7227-7325blog AKP-7242 AKP-7278 AKP-7343-7359blog AKP-7365 AKP-7374 AKP-7386

AKP-7454Heather and I worked together as Alive! Orientation Counselors at WSU during summer 2001. She always has the greatest smile and is so kind. Her oldest boy, Graham, spent some good time on the dance floor at our wedding as a new baby and now look how grown he is! Heather and her boys have participated in AKP mini sessions for two years now and I always love the chance to see her! AKP-7463 AKP-7476-7402blog AKP-7493 AKP-7511 AKP-7522 AKP-7528 AKP-7541 AKP-7560 AKP-7569

AKP-6348This H. family is one of my husband’s and my favorite families to photograph! I first met them at a family session near their home a handful of years ago and then they participated in fall mini sessions the first year we held them (2012). We were excited that they wanted to participate in our first-ever holiday mini session day this season! The girls are beautiful and so polite … just an all-around lovely time taking their pictures. AKP-6356 AKP-6380 AKP-6406 AKP-6448 AKP-6458 AKP-6476 AKP-6491-6499blog AKP-6501 AKP-6592-6603-6555blog AKP-6614-6626blog AKP-6668 AKP-6676

AKP-6699How stinkin’ cute are these little girls? You’re not seeing double … well, actually you are but it’s okay. These twin sisters were such a joy to photograph! So giggly, so sweet to each other and their parents … we were so happy to meet this new AKP family and get some of our favorite holiday photos of the year. We love welcoming new clients to the AKP family — thank you for joining us this year, B. family! AKP-6729 AKP-6748 AKP-6750 AKP-6752 AKP-6773 AKP-6799-6842blog AKP-6805 AKP-6849 AKP-6871-6875blog AKP-6929 AKP-6948 AKP-6985 AKP-7014 AKP-7054 AKP-7078 AKP-7097-7102blog AKP-7123 AKP-7142 AKP-7152

6165-6172blog2Nicole is such a fun gal that I met through my weekly ballet class. We’ve been dancing together as adults for a handful of years now but we both trained at the same studio as kids, too. It was really cool to meet her guy and her puppy and get some holiday photos for them. I always appreciate Nicole’s laughter and her positive outlook on things. So glad the three of them were able to participate in our holiday minis this year!

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