Three years ago, I had the blessed opportunity to photograph the birth of a little girl by c-section. It was, as you can imagine, awesome and unforgettable. Shortly after that, my friend Erin (the mother of that baby girl) and her family of four moved across the country to Maryland. Fast forward to early 2012. Erin called me from the east coast and told me she was expecting another baby. I was thrilled for her! And then she told me she and her family would be moving back to Washington and she was hoping to have her baby at the same hospital she had her daughter back in 2009. She asked me if I would be available to photograph another birth for them! Another c-section! I was ecstatic to have the opportunity to be part of such an amazing experience again. Documenting the c-section birth of this sweet family’s third child proved to be a little different than the previous birth, as the hospital had changed its policies and now only one support person was allowed back into prep, the OR and recovery. And obviously, that one support person was Dad, not photographer/friend me. Erin did all she could (including writing a letter of request to the hospital board) to try and make it so we could document this birth just like we’d documented the birth of their second-born, but to no avail. I was allowed to be there to photograph everything leading up to when Erin and her husband walked back to be prepped for the c-section and everything afterward, including the baby’s first bath, weighing, first shots, etc. Actually, being allowed into the nursery with Dad and the nurse was a privilege. They almost weren’t going to allow that, but we were kind, respectful and persistent and we were rewarded! So my photographs are missing the big moment, the first-minute baby Fischer entered the world … and a few other pivotal moments in prep and the OR that help tell the story of his first big day. Erin sent me a disc of the photos her husband took during those moments and asked if I’d edit them to match the others I took, so she could have the full story of the birth of their third-born to put into an album later. The two photos below that are not taken by me or with an AKP camera are marked. I think Fischer’s dad did a great job filling in the holes in this birth photography session, don’t you? So here you have it. Without further ado … the birth of baby Fischer, one of the most handsome newborns I’ve ever seen, into one of the kindest families I’ve had the pleasure of photographing. It was an honor to be part of your very special day, Ken and Erin! Thank you so much.  

*Above two photos by Fischer’s daddy

There are no words. Little Hannah has the cutest little grin and makes the BEST eye contact with my camera. I’m smitten. I love photographing this little girl! It was my third time with her, as Hannah’s one of my baby planners for the year. Check out her 3-month session and 6-month session, too. Her little grin is always, always present!

This time, Hannah was a little more attached to her mommy than the last two sessions. But I love it. I work with that. And I hope her mommy likes the portraits of herself and her second baby girl.

Honest to goodness … look at that girl. She warms my heart how she looks straight into the lens. The girl knows how to make a photographer happy. And a mommy want another baby. 🙂

Bobbie, your girl is so special! I’m grateful to get to take her pictures throughout this first year. I can’t believe we only have one more session left … let’s make it another fun one! Give Nana some hugs from me!

It’s always such a fun adventure to meet new clients. And especially ones that mutual friends tell me are sweet and adorable. Which the M. family completely and totally is.

When little Cael stepped out of the car the morning of our session and I saw his awesome hat, puffy orange vest and handsome, handsome face … I was giddy. I just knew by the friendly smiles on all three faces in this family (and the fact that they brought their big dog along with them in the back seat) that this was going to be a great session. Cael was so into exploring and I was into following him around to see what he’d choose to explore next.

Cael’s parents were cool. They were so attentive to their little boy, but not in an overpowering way. They let him run and jump and be a boy, all the while asking him questions about what he was finding and learning as he walked around this new environment.

How beautiful is Cael’s mom Stacy? Seriously, she was so pretty and just as kind-hearted as she looks in these pictures. How do I luck out with such good-looking, good-natured, caring families all the time? And it’s a double bonus for me because Stacy is pregnant with Cael’s little brother or sister! They’re one of those patient, amazing families who leaves the gender reveal for the big day … the birth day! I look forward to hearing the news (boy or girl, boy or girl) in a few more months and taking some more family pictures of the new family of four!

Stacy brought along this family umbrella to use as a prop and Cael just ate that up. Once we handed him the umbrella, it was hard to get it out of his hands again! The umbrella belonged to Stacy’s grandmother — have I ever mentioned how I LOVE including special family tidbits into sessions? That’s my favorite part of planning a session. Getting to know the family a little bit, asking them to think about special things they’d like to include in their session, memorable traditions or a special location that means something to the family. Photographs can and should speak so much more than just “cheese!” and pretty smiles. Each session should be unique. I love that Stacy wanted to include the umbrella. She also brought along another fun colorful prop you’ll see below that Cael really enjoyed as well. And I just might have to add a few of those to my own prop stash because I know the kids would just love it — and me too!

We walked, ran, jumped, danced, skipped and crawled all around the path and pond at Fort Dent Park, staying far away from the cool playground until we were sure we’d gotten enough family pictures without the colorful toys in the background. Because who wants to take pictures when there are slides to zip down, rock walls to climb, tunnels to creep through and pirate ships to steer? Well, I do of course. But I’ll take them WHILST playing on all those things! I love getting playtime photos — I’m always guaranteed genuine, joyful smiles. The best.

My camera blinks. Did you know that? Watch really closely …

Yay, lollipops!

Nate, Stacy and Cael (and puppy and baby #2, too!), I had so much fun playing with you all! Thank you for letting me take your pictures!

I have three nephews and one niece. And I don’t get to see any of them as often as I’d like. So whenever I get a chance, I do snap their picture (they probably recognize their Auntie Mandy only when my camera is covering up half of my face). This was an attempt to get a portrait for my mom for her hallway of pictures and whoo boy, was it fun! My niece has such a fun personality and I loved every frame we shot! So I put together a little montage here for my sis-in-law, just for giggles. I love that little munchkin!

I was delighted when this family, another repeat client of mine I adore, wanted to go back to Point Defiance again for their summer session this year. I love Point Defiance — there’s so much variety all in one convenient spot. And also so much for the kids to be entertained with — ducks, ponds, flowers, pathways, hills, big grassy areas, the beach, the forest, the rocks, the animals … it’s never-ending. I think this was the third time I’ve photographed the U. family and this time was just as sweet as the first and second times. My hubby and I have known them since college. It’s always good to have awesome Cougs clients. 😉

See the enthusiasm on this little guy? Two-year-old Gavin was so fun! But this wasn’t how he felt the first time we attempted their family session. Poor dude was so under the weather and although he did brave up a few smiles for me, he just wasn’t feeling it so we called the session off short and rescheduled to finish it another day. And wowzers — was that a good idea! He ended up with a 104-degree fever that afternoon. So we met again a few weeks later and BAM! There was Gavin and his bubbly, happy personality out for us all to enjoy from the second the session started to the minute it ended. I always tell my clients that with kids, they’re the ones who really call the shots on how a session goes. It’s just up to us to play along. As long as we’re all playing, good photographs run aplenty. 🙂

Gavin did lots of playing that day. Me too. I’m never too shy to roll around in the grass with clients.

I love taking your pictures, U. family. Thank you again for trusting me and listening to me talk over and over about how much Gavin reminds me of Kasey. Someday you’ll get to meet Kasey too and I swear you’ll agree! Little blond boys are so sweet and I’m blessed to get to take pictures of the two of yours!