Planning your session

Here’s how our portrait sessions work. After I’ve heard from you, I’ll ask you to start thinking. Thinking about what makes you special. What makes your family unique. What your hobbies are, your favorite colors, your traditions. The things that make you … YOU. I’m not into taking the same pictures over and over again. I’m not into the super-posed photographs with the predictable backgrounds. I’m into you and what makes you different from everyone else. I want to capture your life as it is right now. To help you preserve a moment in time.

We’ll go somewhere special to you. Maybe it’s the place where you first held hands with your fiancé. Or the park where you take your toddler to play every day after preschool. Or the campus of your alma mater. We’ll shoot your session in a place you choose because it means something to you. You’ll have thought about the important things in your life and maybe even brought along some props, like an umbrella if you’ve always loved the rain, a soccer ball if that was your sport or maybe even a couple of lattes if you and your hubby have logged lots of meaningful conversations over the years with cups of coffee in your hands.

Your portraits should speak to you and remind you of things that are near and dear to your heart. I can do posed pictures for you if you really desire the clean look of a backdrop or you have a particular formal request, but my heart lies in capturing you living your life, laughing with your family, sharing an ice cream cone, or playing on the beach. Wherever we go, and whatever we do … let’s just go out and have FUN. And get some awesome pictures of you and your loved ones while we’re at it.

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